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C.P. Florez writes short stories and poetry with an urban flavor. Her debut novel, The Daughter Bond was published in March 2023. 

Born in New York City to Puerto Rican parents, her inspiration is urban and personal, rich in imagery, yet relevant and grounded in the reality of everyday lives.                                                                  


Member of Women's Fiction Writers Association

Member of Alliance of Independent Authors



C. P. Florez' works include Puerto Rican Love Stories and Nenadich Street, Poems and Passages. Her poetry has been published by the Ravens Perch, award-winning literary magazine. 2023 marks the release on her debut novel, The Daughter Bond.


                  Puerto Rican​ Love Stories

Deceptively simple stories that portray the diverse facets of the Puerto Rican experience through characters who love, lust, strive, and weather loss and disappointment. Human frailty, betrayal, passion, and the joy of love and family dominate the narrative.   


Available now at

Nenadich Street, Poems and Passages 

A collection of poems and essays that speak the heart of a woman as she  reflects on relationships and social issues.


The Third Avenue El


Vestigial organ of the subway system

Cane seats, worn leather straps

It groans its way on old tired tracks,

Steep stairs, cold air

A shuttle of poverty and neglect

No Second Avenue Subway please

All gentry off at Ninety-Sixth Street

Why not from the misery deflect

Their gazes so they don't see

Poor people sitting on hard seats

Or hear the sad groan and rattle 

Of the tired Third Avenue El






More Poems . . .




Hold Summer in your mouth

Let in linger on your lips

On your tongue savor vinho verde,

Tangerine popsicles and strawberry lemonade

Fill your eyes with sky,

Vivid blooms of dark-eyed susans

Swaying lilies, gleaming grasses

Moving through the sparkle of the dunes

Sink your toes deep into the sand

Know the heat of the sun

In the soles of your feet

Celebrate that it's still summer



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