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"Deftly, Cupid's arrow pierced his heart, and the shackles of love and carnal desire imprisoned him for the very first time."

Cádiz and Diego agree to go their sep​arate ways. She decides to continue alone on the trip that may have saved their relationship. The journey frees her, and she is happy. Relishing the opportunity to be her true self, she plans to pursue the dreams that her marriage stifled. She did not expect intrigue and she did not expect to fall in love.

Michael, a young professional, searches for the ideal dance partner in a New York City nightclub. He just wants to dance, nothing else—until he meets the perfect and unattainable Maritza.

Seventeen-year-old Cristina comes to terms with her sexual needs;

losing her virginity becomes a priority. Her slutty girlfriend wants to help her achieve her goal.


Puerto Rican Love Stories

Reviewed by Grant Leishman, Reader's Favorite March 2020


I found Puerto Rican Love Stories a nice break from my usual reading fare.   

 For me, the standout story in this collection is actually the first one; The Oligarch and the Poet. Two things that attracted me to this story were the wealth of information on Puerto Rico’s culture and history that was uncovered in the telling of the narrative, along with a beautifully crafted and written love affair. I enjoyed this story immensely. Similarly, the story of Isabel was sweet, heartrending, and inspiring, as we see the courage of a young, incredibly smart girl growing up in a rough neighborhood of New York and the struggles she faced every day just to attend school and to keep safe. This story was one of the highlights of the book. Finally, the tale of unrequited love that was Ventura’s story was sad, sweet, and poignant. All the stories in this book have something to commend them but those three certainly stood out for me.    



Nenadich Street, Poems and Passages


A passionate collection of poems and essays that speaks the heart of a thinking, feeling woman, and reflects on the issues of the day. 


Review Rating: 5 Stars 

Reviewed By Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite June 2020


Nenadich Street: Poems and Passages is filled with provocative poetry and essays mainly on love and romance. Sometimes strong, sometimes vulnerable, but always feminine, the poems are like streams of thoughts that accidentally group together to form beautiful metaphors and similes. 

. . . a collection of poems and essays coming from a proud feminine voice. Humorous, sarcastic, playful, and socially relevant, the theme revolves around a woman's journey and how she handles feelings of love, hope, failures, relationships, romance, and yes, sex. Some poems are very earthy, while some are extremely delicate and seem too perfect for this imperfect world. The poems and essays in this collection are relatively short but, surprisingly, they manage to tell a lot of stories. C. P. Florez is indeed a poet and essayist with her own distinct style and voice, and her next book is definitely worth watching out for.


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   Nenadich Street, Poems and Passages, Puerto Rican Love Stories,

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