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"Dulce Melon"


I think my journey as a writer began way back, years ago, when I was a kid, which may be the case for many of us who have chosen to write stories for others to read. A teacher read a story I had written to the class and stated that I was a very good writer. I was embarrassed. Yet, over the years I continued to write many things, things that resided in reams of journals until ten years ago, when I decided that writing was what I was meant to do. It took me a while to create my first manuscript. Finally, in 2018, Puerto Rican Love Stories was released to the world. I hope you will be curious about what I have produced. I am curious about where this journey will take me next. I'll keep you posted. 

All authors are not poets, but I believe all poets are authors, authors of the heart. Nenadich Street, Poems and Passages debuts many of the poems I have written over the years. Why the title? There was an old street in my mom's home town named Nenadich. Nena means girls in Spanish, and is often used as a term of endearment in our culture. And lastly, my experiences growing up in an urban environment informed my choice of the word "Street". The process of writing poetry is very personal. Individual histories emerge in one form or another. Girls have a lot to say. 

Want to know who the "nena" in the photograph is? It's me! I was about six years old when I graduated from first grade in Puerto Rico. I completed  home school kindergarten and first grade in public school before my family returned to Brooklyn, N.Y.,where I was born. I cherish this photograph because I am wearing lipstick, my mother's pearl earrings—and holding my very first diploma!

The path less well traveled may be the most difficult one. This beach path though, looks easy, relaxing, welcoming, just what we may need right now. Working on my debut novel  was exhausting at times.  Many of life's journeys are  challenging, some impossible to complete. You know that phrase "writer's block"? It is not just a tired cliche, it exists. When I hit that wall, before giving up, I would stop writing for a day, for a week. There was a month of no inspiration at all, but I did not give up. It's done.  And before I begin writing my next book,  I will  lay down a blanket on the sand, and catch up on my reading. Have a great summer!

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