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At the intersection of vulnerability and strength . . .

A Mother's Haunting Legacy; A Daughter's Journey



"Irene went behind her desk and sat with a sigh released from a silent place of knowing. She proceeded to annotate her patient's file, the whole time thinking she might want to kill too, if all that happened to her." 



This is a character driven story with strong psychological themes. C.P. Florez writes a beautiful tale of a young woman who is driven by the passion to find answers for her patients, even daring to experiment beyond the established norms of scientific inquiry. The characters are solidly written, vividly drawn, and nuanced. I loved the way the author explores the world of people suffering from PTSD and the relationship between Irene and her mother.

Stellar storytelling, beautiful prose, and conflict that is deftly handled.  -- Readers' Favorite


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